Treatment of Worms in Adults

Although progress does not stop, everything in the world is modernizing and renewing itself, people have not learned to defeat the helminths. They have not diminished even after new and effective medications.

Each of the 250 parasites known to mankind in its own way negatively affects people's health, causing various diseases with symptoms that are unique to them.


parasitic worm of the human body

To make it at least a little easier to deal with these parasites, people started studying. There are several types of worms with similar characteristics and external data.

The first type includes roundworms. The second combines worms, which include worms and worms.

Worms are:

  • Contact;
  • Biohelminthic;
  • Geohelminthic.

This classification depends on the methods of introduction into the body and places of distribution.


These are bovine and porcine worms, echtnococci, cestodes and trematodes. To fully pass their life cycle, these parasites need to change multiple hosts. They can infect insects, molluscs, crustaceans, fish and humans, which eventually become helminth carriers.


These parasites include:

  • Ascaris;
  • Vlasoglava;
  • Hookworms;
  • Necators;

These parasites do not need an intermediate host for normal development.


This group includes pinworms, which cause enterobiasis, and dwarf tapeworms, which are the cause of hymenolepiasis.

How can you get infected with worms?

working with soil as a worm infection route
  1. Biohelminths end up in a person due to ingestion of poorly processed pork and beef.
  2. In lightly salted or raw fish, a large tapeworm or opisthorchis can hide, as river and lake waters are rich in parasitic larvae that live in them. Often, vacationers make fatal mistakes when drinking, washing dishes or vegetables with this water.
  3. Geohelminths, or rather their larvae, spend some time in the ground, arriving there along with the feces of infected people and animals. The new owner will soon arrive. There are many people who do not wash their hands outdoors or after working on land.
  4. Helminthiasis can attach to a perfectly healthy person after contact with an infected person, if there are many dust particles with eggs of the parasite in the air, through dishes and household items.

Where do worms settle in humans?

Most adult worms usually settle in the colon. Pinworms and whipworms also find shelter there. In the liver, clonorchis, oporchis, fasciola are often seen. They all belong to trematodes.

They cause irreparable damage to the bile ducts and liver, forming echinococcal cysts, from which the worms disperse after rupture.

common worms

an adult worm

The most common worms in humans are:

  • Ascaris (causes ascariasis);
  • Wide tapeworm (causes diphylobotriasis);
  • Pinworms (enterobiasis).

People who suffer from the proximity of these parasites have hypovitaminosis, anemia and other disorders in the body.

  1. Ascariasis can occur in a person after eating dirty fruits and vegetables.
  2. Diphlobotriasis gets sick from undercooked fish and caviar.
  3. Enterobiasis occurs after contact with infected people.

Worm development in the acute phase lasts 15-65 days, the course of chronic worm infestation continues 35-65 days after the acute phase. Due to the presence of helminths in organs, they are mechanically squeezed and damaged, both the organs and the surrounding tissue.

The transition from helminthic invasion to a chronic form is fraught with decreased immunity, which leads to fungal, viral and bacterial diseases. Often, helminth invasion becomes the cause of cancer.

Signs of Worms in an Adult

abdominal pain with worms

Symptoms usually depend on which worm has invaded the body. For every helminth invasion, there are some signs.


Ascaris infection is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Skin rashes;
  • Nausea accompanied by abdominal pain;
  • decreased appetite
  • Increased rates of eosonophils.

Prolonged stay in the body of the ascaris can cause peritonitis, appendicitis, and intestinal obstruction.


This helminthic invasion is usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Nausea;
  • stool problems;
  • Isolation of parasitic fragments;
  • Stomachache;
  • A marked loss of body weight.

Later, people develop severe anemia due to a lack of protein, iron and vitamin B.


discomfort in the anus with worms

This disease is accompanied by:

  • Itching of the anus, which can often result in dermatitis;
  • Abdominal pain of unknown origin;

If we consider the general symptoms of helminth invasion, then it manifests itself as follows:

  1. There are, for no apparent reason, incomprehensible and itchy rashes;
  2. Parasite locations increase;
  3. There is a cough without signs of a cold, with attacks of suffocation;
  4. Fever worries;
  5. Regional lymph nodes are enlarged;
  6. Weakness, fatigue is observed;
  7. Serious diseases occur - allergic myocarditis, meningoencephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis;
  8. Lymph nodes are affected;
  9. There is blood in the urine;
  10. The stool is disturbed, swelling and blood impurities are seen in the stool.

Treatment of Worms in Adults

It is necessary to treat worms in humans strictly under the supervision and control of the attending physician. This applies to both children and adults. The slightest deviation from the drug dosage can lead to serious consequences.

There are certain medications for each type of parasite:

  1. Preparations containing mebendazole can neutralize and destroy trichocephaly and enterobiasis.
  2. Medicines containing Levomizole fight against hookworm, roundworm, nekator, toxoplasma, roundworm.

folk remedies

pumpkin seeds for adult worms

It is possible to cure and neutralize worms in adults using traditional methods. The most effective are pumpkin seeds. There is nothing complicated about the recipe.

You need to bring the following ingredients:

  • 100 g of peeled pumpkin seeds;
  • 100 g of water;
  • 2 tbsp. 1 honey;

All of this must be mixed well and made into mush. This mixture is consumed on an empty stomach at 1 tbsp. spoon every hour. Next, you need to do a cleansing enema with added garlic and a laxative.

In no case should you self-medicate. Your doctor will tell you how to effectively treat worms. He will also prescribe the correct dosage, the necessary diet, maintenance medications after the parasites are expelled. There is no need to panic and get hysterical. Better get together and defeat this evil as quickly as possible.


wash vegetables to prevent worm infection

Trying to get around the helminth invasion doesn't take much. Just follow some tips and recommendations from parasitologists:

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Use only clean water and individual household items.
  3. Monitor your pets' health by taking steps to prevent their helminth infestation.
  4. Eat exclusively pure foods.
  5. Carry out a complete heat treatment of meat and fish.
  6. Take worm medicine to prevent them, especially if you have four-legged pets in the house.
  7. Try to use lightly salted fish and your caviar as rarely as possible, and it's best to exclude them from your diet entirely.