Popular Remedies for Parasites in the Human Body

Many people, regardless of age and place of residence, have parasites that enter the body from the outside. The most common are pinworms, lamblia and roundworms, but hookworms, alveococci and echinococci, pig and bovine tapeworms, etc. are also observed. , corrosive substances and die, causing intoxication. If the measures are not taken in time to get rid of the parasites, the carrier will not only have serious health problems, but also a lethal result.

To destroy the worms, the pharmaceutical industry produces a large number of drugs that quickly deal with the worms but negatively affect the patient's health. A good alternative to chemically active drugs are folk remedies for parasites in the human body.

Symptoms of parasites in the body

folk remedies for parasites in the body

Regardless of the type of helminths, there are general signs of parasitic infection:

  • increased gas production with bloating and flatulence;
  • frequent feeling of nausea and wanting to vomit;
  • violation of chair, in addition, there is alternating diarrhea and constipation without cause;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • dizziness and frequent headaches;
  • bad breath;
  • skin problems: rash, eczema, skin pigmentation disorders;
  • marked weight gain or rapid weight loss, all in the context of increased appetite;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • cracked heels that appear despite proper care;
  • frequent allergies;
  • deterioration of nail structure and hair loss;
  • general weakness and fatigue;
  • frequent colds and infectious diseases;
  • decrease in hemoglobin;
  • nervous and mental disorders;
  • cough that does not respond to treatment;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • insomnia;
  • itchy anus, worse at night;
  • teeth grinding in sleep.

If anthelmintic treatment is not carried out, vitamin deficiencies, rupture of hematopoietic organs, hormonal, bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular systems, metabolism, internal organs, oncological diseases, etc. occur.

Benefits of using folk remedies

abdominal pain with parasites

For the treatment, compounds are used that create an environment in the body, in which the parasites will not be able to consume nutrients, which will be harmful to them. At the same time, plants contain ingredients that negatively affect the helminths itself.

In addition, folk remedies for parasites in the patient's body have a complex effect: they eliminate dysbiosis, restore beneficial microflora, are antiseptic (fight infections), increase immunity, normalize electrolyte and metabolic processes, saturate with vitamins and trace elements.

Rules for antiparasitic treatment with folk remedies

parasite vegetables in the body
  • Proper nutrition. In general, during therapy, it is advisable to switch to a vegetarian diet as meat and dairy products stimulate the growth of the parasites. If vegetarianism is not acceptable, separate meals are mandatory, ie meat and milk are not combined in one meal with bread and potatoes, but eaten with cereal. Vegetables are also added to meat in any form.
  • It is necessary to stop consuming sweets and carbohydrates, drinks and high-calorie meals.
  • During treatment, you must stop smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, going to the solarium, the beach, not coming into contact with pets and following the hygiene rules.
  • It is recommended to drink waters with clay and silicone, which help to fill the body with essential minerals.

While cleaning the body of parasites, the daily menu should include cereals, vegetables and fruits without sugar, bran, which will facilitate evacuation and accelerate the elimination of worms.

Recipes of folk remedies for parasites in humans

chanterelle mushrooms of parasites

Starting to take folk remedies for parasites in the body, the person must remember that the effect only manifests after some of its accumulation in the body, so the course of treatment is 10 days to a month.

  • Chanterelles. . . These mushrooms contain chitinmannose, a substance destructive to worms, whipworms, roundworms and other helminths. Chanterelles should not be heat treated as they lose their anti-parasitic properties; for the treatment, a tincture must be prepared with fresh raw mushrooms washed in cold water. To do this, pour 4 tablespoons of crushed raw material with 300 ml of vodka, close the container tightly and leave for 15 days in a cool, dark place. Take 1 teaspoon of the tincture at night before bedtime.
  • Onion.A large onion is crushed into porridge and poured into a cup of boiling water, left for half a day. Every day you need to eat 100 ml of the mixture, dividing it into 2-3 times. The course is 5 days. It is an effective remedy for parasites, in particular worms and roundworms.
  • Clay for food.So much clay powder is dissolved in a glass of warm purified water so that the liquid resembles milk. Reserve the drink for a few minutes until a precipitate appears. So, without stirring, "clay water" is drunk a third of an hour before breakfast, the sediment is not used. Course - month.
  • Bitter or tansy wormwood.Take the herb powder (the dry raw material can be ground with a coffee grinder) 1 teaspoon (without a blade) in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and in the evening - before going to bed. The course is 30 days. Tansy and wormwood can be used separately or together, so 1 serving will contain 50% of both powders.
  • clove. . . Within a month, 2 cloves (spices), crushed into powder, should be consumed twice a day, half an hour before meals, washed down with water.
  • Pumpkin seeds.It is an effective remedy for parasites, containing cucurbitin - a substance that paralyzes the helminth's body, depriving it of its ability to adhere to the intestinal walls. For therapy, 300 g of peeled raw seeds are enough, which are ground and mixed with honey or water in equal proportions. Pasta is eaten in small portions in the morning on an empty stomach. After 3 hours you cannot eat or drink. After the appointed time, a laxative is drunk.
  • Lower leg. . . For antiparasitic treatment, cinnamon powder (available at any supermarket) is consumed at 1/8 of a teaspoon 30 minutes before meals. The course is three times a day for a month. In the future, it is advisable to add cinnamon to sweet cereals and salads, drinks, desserts.
  • Flax seed.The crushed flax seeds are obtained in dry form - 25 g of powder each, you can add powdered cloves in a ratio of 10: 1. The crushed flax seeds can be stored in a closed glass container for a maximum of one month.
linseed to remove parasites

Folk remedies for parasites in humans, whose prescriptions are described above, have not only therapeutic effects, but also prophylactic effects. After completion of therapy, it is recommended to take funds 1 to 2 times a week to prevent the spread of helminths if an infection has occurred.

Cleaning the body of parasites using the "triad" method

clove of parasites in the body

There are two different "triad" compositions, each of which is a very effective remedy for parasites in the human body.

The powder (obtained from the dry raw material of the soil) of the following plants is thoroughly mixed:

  • tansy (100 g), absinthe (30 g), cloves (50 g):
  • marigold (100 g), cumin and calamus (50 g each).

The mixture is placed in a dry and hermetically sealed glass container. For the treatment, take 1 teaspoon of powder (1. 75 g) without a blade (the latter is removed with a blade), it is advisable to weigh the dose for the first time to remember the volume.

On the first day 1 dose of powder is ingested (watered with still water) half an hour before breakfast, on the second day - another dose is added before lunch, on the third - the medicine is taken three times, 1 dose. In addition, the mixture is administered once a week during the year as a prophylaxis.

Enemas against intestinal parasites

parasite garlic and onion

Contraindications for enemas: hemorrhoids, pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby, neoplasms, inflammation and fissures in the large intestine, rectal prolapse.

  • Garlic with milk. Pour the hot milk (2 cups) into a head of garlic, chopped to mush, wrap the container, leave for up to 10 minutes, then strain and use the liquid. You can even use this type of enema for pregnant women and children to remove worms or roundworms from the intestines. It is advisable to take an enema before bedtime, it is in the afternoon and at night that the greatest number of female helminths, ready to lay eggs, accumulates in the large intestine. Course - 3-4 procedures.
  • Garlic. Grind a medium head of garlic, add water (1 cup) and bring to a boil. Then cool, strain and do an enema, after cleaning the intestines with plain warm water. The course is 2 weeks.
  • Garlic and onion. In a medium-sized onion (peeled and chopped), remove the porridge from 3 large cloves of garlic. The ingredients are mixed, washed down with warm boiled water and left for 10 minutes. Afterwards, the liquid is filtered, a little lemon juice is added and an enema can be done, after which the intestines must be rinsed with clean water. Course - one week.
  • Soda. To 800 ml of warm water, add 20 g of baking soda and a pinch of salt. The solution heats up to 42 degrees. Enemas should be administered every other day - just 5 procedures. Each time after applying a soda enema, a clean water enema in the amount of 2 liters is used.
  • With absinthe. For 2 tsp dry absinthe, take 1 cup of boiling water, mix in an enamel or glass container, and allow to cool. Strain the hot infusion and do an enema.

The best effect of the enema will be to retain the fluid in the intestine for a short period of time (up to 5 minutes).

Before deciding what to remove from the body's parasites, it is recommended to consult your doctor, as folk remedies also have contraindications and can be harmful.